Blog: Types of In-App Purchases

Subscription only

Subscription products bill your users on a recurring basis. Although relatively new on mobile platforms, more and more apps are choosing a subscription-based business model to create the steady stream of revenue needed for continued development. Moreover, subscriptions are well supported on the App Store and Play Store. Whether you want to offer an all-access pass to your app's content, provide a premium upgrade for your power users, or something else, you can do it with RevenueCat.

One-time purchases with non-consumable products

Non-consumable products allow your users to make a one-time purchase in exchange for permanent access to digital goods. Some examples of non-consumable products are providing lifetime access to a subscription in return for a large, one-time payment and offering game-packs with exclusive characters and levels. In this world of increasingly popular subscriptions, is there a place for non-consumable products anymore? Of course!

Consumable products

Consumable products are often used to sell digital goods that can be used up and repurchased multiple times. They are common in games, such as more lives or tokens, but can also be used in other apps that have some type of refillable credit, such as purchasing minutes for VOIP service.

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