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If there is something you weren't able to find, need more clarifications, or have suggestions, feel free to reach out to our Support team.

To get up and running with our Purchases SDK, the Quickstart guide is the best place to start. If you have an app that already has subscriptions, but want RevenueCat's advanced charting, webhooks, and attributions, check out this guide. If you already have an existing app with subscriptions and want to migrate to RevenueCat you can perform a client side migration or import existing data. Documentation for reference. 

Getting started:

  • Create an account
    • Sign up with a primary email address.
    • Note that you can later add collaborators on a paid plan. 
  • Choose a plan that best suits your needs: Build, Analyze, or Grow
    • Paid plans (Analyze / Grow) are free until you ship. We consider an app as shipped when we receive its first production purchase.
  • Check out some blog posts below or here to see what you can do with RevenueCat
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