Pricing FAQs

What is MTR?

MTR stands for monthly tracked revenue. It's the amount of revenue tracked by RevenueCat (in USD, and before the platform cut) during a one month billing period. This includes paid subscriptions, renewals, and one-time purchases.

Why do you base MTR on pre-platform cut revenue?

Our goal is to help you take advantage of Apple's and Google's 1-year cut reductions as well as the benefits of moving subscriptions to less costly platforms like Stripe. This ensures we aren't disincentivized from making that happen.

What are overages and how are they calculated?

Each plan includes a base MTR. On Analyze and Grow plans, overages are automatically charged if you exceed the included base MTR. Overages scale down as your MTR goes up.

Here's an example: If your app makes $62,000 in a month and you're on the Analyze Plan, you'd be charged $119 base + ($7 x 30) + ($6 x 12) = $401.

If you were on the Grow Plan and your app made this same amount, you'd be charged the base of $499 with no overages.

See our Fair Billing Policy for more info on how overages are calculated.

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