How up-to-date is the dashboard?

Latency of data in the RevenueCat dashboard depends on the type of data you're viewing and how you've set up your app. We can break down the data into three categories:

  1. Transactions
  2. Charts and metrics
  3. Activity

Transactions in RevenueCat are new purchases and renewals (including free trials). Transactions will be shown in real-time in the tables and customer views.

Charts and metrics are computed in batches from a snapshot of the transactions and activity at that point in time. These computations run every few hours - so you should expect that level of latency in the charts.

Activity in RevenueCat are data points other than transactions, things like: billing issues detected, auto-renew status changes, installs, etc. This type of activity is automatically detected by RevenueCat every few hours, but can be sped up by enabling platform server-notifications.

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